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If you still need to unzip an archive, please follow this tutorial first.

Of course much easy way is to install desktop version of Lightroom and sync all presets in official method. And If you use official version of Lightroom and Adobe’s cloud then you can use Presets Synchronization procedure described here. For the desktop version you’ll need XMP-files since Lightroom Classic version 7.3 changed the presets from .lrtemplate to .xmp format. The ‘lrtemplate’ files are a thing of the past. The new XMP preset takes advantage of the new profiles feature in Lightroom 7.3, it won’t work in the older version of Lightroom. So from the Lightroom Classic version 7.3 you can follow standard procedure for presets importing (“+” sign from presets panel in Lightroom) and it will automatically be visible in Lightroom after a restart. To keep your Lightroom up to date you have to check Adobe’s website and update your software with a subscription plan to the latest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom Classic.

But you don’t need an Adobe subscription to use mobile presets. You simply need to download the Lightroom Mobile App and create an account with Adobe. Now install Lightroom mobile from your phone’s market. So If you need to import the presets into free mobile version of Lightroom, then only files you need are DNG-files.

Transfer DNG image file (preset) to your mobile device. For example, send it to your mail and save it in your phone’s photo gallery or use your cloud to synchronize file with your gallery.

Open this DNG image with Lightroom mobile (any other viewer program will write that it can not open the file, do not be scared of this). Select this DNG image that represents the preset you’d like to apply to a future image, and you should see that image, with the preset applied, in full screen on your device.

Select the editing button.

tutorial1 - How to install Mobile Presets

Now touch the “…” in the upper right corner and select “Copy Settings”. This will copy the Preset settings to be used on future images.

tutorial2 1024x607 - How to install Mobile Presets

When you’ve got the settings copied, head on back to the main screen of Lightroom mobile, and locate the image you’d like to edit. Select the image to have it fill the screen.

With the image selected, you have to touch the “…” once more, select “Paste Settings”. This should “apply” the preset to your image.

tutorial4 1024x605 - How to install Mobile Presets

From here, you can continue to edit the image (Crop, Rotate, modifying slider values, etc.) until you’ve got an image with which you’re satisfied.

And you always can save opened DNG as a preset. In this case you don’t have to copy-paste settings no more – but can use preset already saved in the Lightroom by yourself. Please look at screenshot bellow for details.

tutorial3 1024x608 - How to install Mobile Presets