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Sun Photo Overlays



prv1 1 1024x681 - Sun Photo Overlays

A beautiful set of Sunlight photo overlays perfect for mini sessions, marketing boards, portrait shoots. These will work great with wedding, portrait and landscape images.

35 high quality JPEG images.

• 20 Sun Ball overlays (3000 x 3000 pix)
• 15 Sunlight Overlays (4500 x 3000 pix)

To add Sunlight Effect to your photos, you have to place one of the overlay onto your image and change blending mode to Screen.

For a more realistic effect, you can rotate the layer, change its opacity, overlay several layers simultaneously and using the mask to remove off the artifacts from the main parts of photo.

It is compatible with Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS, Paint Shop Pro and other image editing software that works with layers.

If you are Lightroom user, make sure you have a plugin that allows you to work with layers.

prv2 1024x681 - Sun Photo Overlays

prv3 1 1024x681 - Sun Photo Overlaysprv4 1 1024x681 - Sun Photo Overlaysprv5 1 1024x681 - Sun Photo Overlays

prv6 1024x681 - Sun Photo Overlaysprv8 1024x681 - Sun Photo Overlaysprv9 1024x681 - Sun Photo Overlays

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