If you overlays are in JPG format, all you have do to use them is to change overlay’s layer blending mode. Check what suit’s your needs best. You can try different modes. Here are few examples.

Example 1

  1. Load you image, add overlay layer,

1.1 1024x612 - Adding JPG overlay

2. Change it’s blending mode to screen

1.2 1024x609 - Adding JPG overlay

3. Lower opacity, add layer’s mask and remove all unneeded parts with the help of soft brush.

1.3 1024x555 - Adding JPG overlay

Example 2

2.1 1024x633 - Adding JPG overlay

Here we’ll use normal mode, remove some opacity and use mask.

2.2 1024x555 - Adding JPG overlay

Example 3

For layer rotation right click and it and choose horizontal flip.

3.1 1 1024x555 - Adding JPG overlay

Change blending mode to overlay.

3.2 1 1024x606 - Adding JPG overlay